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This all-natural bar soap is loaded with organic coconut milk, ready to deeply hydrate, condition, and nourish your dry, itchy, irritated skin. The scent is a tropical citrus blend of orange, pineapple and coconut. Let this beautifying blend of all-natural ingredients revive and renew your skin. Suitable for all skin types, specifically designed for dry skin. Suitable for all skin types, specifically designed for dry skin. One of our Vegan options. 


*Please keep in mind that each bar of soap is made the old-fashioned way, by hand by The Soap Hag herself, one batch at a time. As a result, each bar may differ slightly from the last.


4 Oz. Bar

Organic Coconut Milk Deep Hydration Soap - Calendula Colada 🥥


Organic Coconut Milk, Saponified Oils of: Olive, Coconut, Organic Palm, Castor | Titanium Dioxide | Fragrance and Essential Oil Blend | Calendula